Provide Durar Smart Solutions services and integrated solutions and applications for the location of all small businesses and medium and large through the provision of solutions to the management of sites and update sites, which allow an easy and enjoyable and suitable for both professionals and beginners at the same time
It also provides solutions for e-commerce sites, and you hear of sales and purchases via the Internet
Web design from the stand point of team work is not considered a business as it is an act of Vnnia take into account the technical basis and Standards of lines and colors.
Web design is the interface which overlooks the technical content of the site on the browser, which gives the impression of a comfortable since the first sight to decide to continue in the navigation or move to another site.
That the design of sites in addition to being in the technical standards and public taste, but it should also be subject to technical standards such as the speed of opening, reduce the time of loading stretcher excess.
That the design of sites should take as much interest that we give to the accuracy of the programming that did not exceed them. You need to convince the browser to keep with you to come to grips with your program. And site design is good that helps you to do so. We have a specialized team of designers who are confident in their ability to lead in the world of web design. We can say with confidence that we occupy a leading position in the world of web design.
Durar support for smart solutions the following areas
Argo-industrial business and E-commerce sites fashion and beauty business and cultural capital Restaurants and car communications Alkavihat marriage education entertainment design and decoration of family food and beverages forums online games sites hotel sites furniture gifts ornaments and jewels Legal Medical Information, media, real estate music, personal security and social scientific and cultural programs, sports transportation and wedding photo albums websites