The most important topics essential to the success of the famous sites is the maintenance of sites to piece would put the important points in the maintenance of the sites and forums and will remove dust on how maintenance sites
External links to other websites may be closed or deleted the page that you linked a link from your site have ,and you do not know stop these sites and visitors when they visit through your website will not take a bad idea for those sites, but will take a bad idea for your site that old and is not updated and There are many links that do not work!!!
Difficult for the manager to follow all site links Active especially if a large number, there are special programs based on the up of the site's links and make sure it still works.
As well as internal links to your site often may transfer a page from a folder to another folder and forget updated links tethered to that page and that will not work after the transfer, ask yourself after the transfer of any page Are there links tied in the site?? Keep always map of your links so you can easily follow.
And Mark visitors also help you in this, you can allocate page show them when they do not find the server requested page and ask them about the links did not work and this also creates a good impression to visitors.

Follow-up sites

Internet world renewed so you between period and other follow-up your content and maintenance for example news ,Old published in 2003 and was then an important and no longer the case in this year View Visitors to this news occupies a link prominent website will raise their comments "This website is old" and quickly What are fleeing from it to search for another website that offers them updated information they need.