Durar Smart Solutions based marketing agency providing envelope and corporate identity design. Envelopes featuring your company logo look offer a more professional look and feel. Our graphic artists can create a custom envelope design to get your company valuable exposure and increased professionalism.

Envelopes Types

Standard Envelopes
Standard envelopes are 3 x 6 inches, and you can purchase envelopes of this size with security linings. This feature is a pattern printed on the interior of each envelope so that confidential contents sealed inside are not easily readable.
Business Envelopes
Business envelopes are longer, with dimensions measuring 4x 9½ inches. Like standard letter envelopes, business envelopes are sold with or without the patterned security feature.
Larger Envelopes
The most common sizes for larger envelopes are 9½ x 12 inches and 10 x 13 inches. These envelopes have an adhesive strip on the top flap that you moisten and fold down to seal. They also have a two-prong gold fastener for extra secured protection. To use both fasteners and adhesive, you must first secure the fasteners by placing the prongs through the single-hole punch on the top flap before wetting the adhesive.
Padded Envelopes
Sizes for padded envelopes include 6 x 9 inches and 9 x 12 inches. The entire interior of these envelopes is lined with bubble wrap, which cushions contents during transit.